How to Apply*

* Pre-registration is required for automotive program courses.

1.  Enrollment:  Submit your application now and select your program of interest; Automotive Service Technology (AER) or Autobody Collision Repair and Refinishing (ARR) or Applied Welding Technology (PMT) on the application.

2.  Transcripts: Make sure you submit all official transcripts from other educational institutions to HCC.

3.  Orientation:  When you receive your student number in the mail, complete HCC’s online orientation @ You do not have to attend a registration workshop.   

4. Notification: Email Mark Poling at to notify him of your session preference, your student number, to find out if you need to take the TABE, and if you have any questions about the program.

5.  Financial Aid:  Submit a free application for student aid (FAFSA) at
  • Make sure to have all of your most recent tax documents if you have filed as an independent (single) person.
  • If you did not file and are a dependent, your parent/guardian/caretaker will have to submit a FAFSA using their most recent tax documents.
  • Follow the step by step process on the FAFSA website to complete the application.
  • It will take about two weeks for HCC to receive your financial aid paperwork.  Once you receive an award letter and two weeks have past, visit the financial aid office in the Student Support Services building at the Ybor City Campus (located at 1320 E. Palm Ave. Tampa, FL 33605) to complete the application process with a financial aid advisor.  The financial Aid office is located on the second floor.

6.  Entrance Exam:  Based on your transcripts, you might have to take the TABE.  The program does not require a High School diploma or a GED, but the student will have to be at the 10th grade level (or have an industrial certification) by graduation. Visit Mark Poling the Ybor City Campus Training Center (located at 5610 E. Columbus Dr. Tampa, FL 33619) to obtain a referral to take the Test for Adult Basic Education exam (TABE). EXEMPTIONS: The TABE is no longer required for anyone who entered the 9th grade of high school after 2003 and graduated from a Florida High School with a standard high school diploma.  Active military and students with a file at the Office of Student Disabilities are also exempt from taking the TABE regardless of when you have attended high school.

  • You will be tested in three subjects: Reading, Sentence Skills and Basic Arithmetic.The TABE exam is required to be taken before registering for classes.
  • The TABE exam can be taken at the Workforce Trianing Center on Columbus Drive (Contact Dove Wimbish at (813) 253-7792 to make arangements) or at the Student Support Services Building at the Ybor City Campus (located at 1320 E. Palm Ave. Tampa, FL 33605).  If you are taking it at the Ybor testing center, you must present your referral to the test center before you can take the exam.  The test center hours are as follows;
Monday through Thursday: 8:00am - 8:00pm (no exam given after 6:00pm)
Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm (no exam given after 2:00pm)
Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm (no exam given after 11:00am)
  • Once you complete the exam, the test administrator will give you a personal copy of your exam scores, as well as a copy of your scores.  Please email Mark Poling at once you have taken the exam in order to be placed on our list for the upcoming fall orientation.
7.  Advising:  After you have completed all of the above, please call Christine Grasso and schedule a mandaory meeing with Mark Polling (5610 E. Columbus Drive, Tampa, FL, 33619).
  • During that meeting with Mark Polling you will need to show him how you will pay for your tuition.
  • You will need to bring Mark Polling a $75 check or money order made out to HCC to pay for a drug screen and background check.
  • You will be given referrals for a background check and a drug screen to selected outside agencies (No felony convictions within the past 5 years from the date of applying to the program). This background check and drug screen must be done within 2 days of the receipt of your referral.
  • The backgrounds check and drug screen results are sent to Mark Polling by the outside agencies.

8. Tour:  You may ask for a tour of our classrooms and meet our faculty at that time. If our on-site recruiter is not available, please contact him personally to schedule that tour at or (813) 253-7589. You are also welcome to attend one of our open houses held at 6pm on July 9, August 6 and September 17.

9.  Registration: Once we receive word that your background check and drug screen are ok and everything above is complete, Mark Poling will register you for class. Please do not try to register yourself for these classes.When Mark Polling has finished registering you, he will email you.
10. Drop/Add:  Please note that the first day of class is 9/14/15. If you change your mind about entering the program, you must see Mark Polling by 9/16/15 in order to drop and get a full refund.

Please contact Mark Poling at if you have any questions pertaining to the application process. In addition, we would be delighted to have you visit, tour our classrooms and meet our faculty. Contact Steve Conti at or (813) 253-7000, Option 3, extension 7589 for details.