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Ybor City Campus Learning Council



The mission of the Campus Learning Council is as follows:

The mission of the Campus Learning Council is to focus on improving student learning outcomes on the campus by developing proposals to increase student learning, student retention, and student completion rates.  The Council will work with faculty to promote successful teaching strategies and faculty development.



    Current Membership:


  • Dave Liller – Academic Assistant to the Campus President  
  • Margaret Petway – Assistant Dean – Student Support

Full Time Faculty  

  • Leslie Eckstein – AA Faculty member
  • Margarita Ponce - AS Faculty member
  • Jessica Olney - AA Faculty member
  • Suzy DeVore - AA Faculty member
  • Bobbie Harris - AS Faculty member

Adjunct Faculty


  • Ariel Gunn - Academic Success Center Coordinator


     Active Projects and Discussions

The Learning  Council has several projects planned for the 2013-2014 academic year, including:

  • Spearheading campus efforts as part of HCC's involvement in The Completion Arch;
  • Creating a FSPD presentation showcase; 
  • Organizing and promoting the Ybor City Campus Teach-In;
  • Collaborating with the Center for Innovative Teaching and Technology to support  the educational activities of the Faculty Resource Center;
  • Review and implementation of educational items from the pending revised Campus Visioning List


     2013 - 2014 Meeting Schedule (Subject to Change)

  •  September 19 at 3 pm in YADM 205
  •  October 19 at  3 pm in YADM 205
  •  November 21 at 3 pm in YADM 205
  • January 16 at 3 pm in YADM 205
  • February 20 at 3 pm in YADM 205
  • March 20 at 3 PM in YADM 205
  • April 17 at 3 m in YADM 205





    Other Initiatives - HCC Foundation Faculty Mini Grant






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