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Ybor City Campus Planning Council

The mission of the Campus Planning Council is as follows:

The mission of the Campus Planning Council is to focus on gathering and planning the implementation of campus unit plans and visioning items. The Council will deliberate and make implementation recommendations to the Ybor City Campus President regarding Ybor City Campus, except for solely academic and bargaining issues. Furthermore, the council will prioritize the implementations of plans; seek resources to implement plans, and to evaluate the success of the plans.


The Council meets the third Friday of the month at 10:30am.  The council currently meets in YADM 306. 


Current Membership:   

  • Dr. Judy Nolasco  
  • Mr. David Liller, Academic Assistant to the Campus President (co-chair)


 Classified Staff
  •    Loretta "Rose" Ramsay, Open Lab Supervisor
  •    Chuck Bowen, Audio Visual Technician


Professional Staff
  •    Chuck Holmes, Math Lab Supervisor (co-chair)
3 Full Time Faculty
  •    Christina Acosta, Dance Instructor
  •    Suzanne Crosby, Program Manager, Art
  •    Dr. Carol Zavarella, Program Manager, Mathematics


1 Facilities Member
  • Rich Still, Campus Services Supervisor


Minutes - 2011

Minutes - 2010



 2013-2014 Projects: 

  • Review master plan and provide feedback 
  • Track progress on renovations and the allocation of spaces;
  • Update visioning list;
  • Track unfunded CIF requests for possible inclusion and prioritization in next year’s funding;

Activities and Accomplishments: 

  • Reviewed and prioritized the campus CIF list;
  • Redesigned and consulted on the renovation of  Faculty Resource Center on the second floor of the YADM Building;
  • Reviewed and consulted on the Campus Unit Plan;
  • Reviewed and updated the items from the visioning list;
  • Reviewed and updated items on the visioning list that is currently posted on the campus website;
  • Met with various people to make items on the visioning list a reality;
  • Reviewed and consulted on campus renovation priorities, including plans for vacated spaces.