Basic Abilities Testing

In 2000, the Florida Legislature passed House Bill 1481 requiring all applicants entering into a criminal justice basic recruit training program for law enforcement and correctional officers to pass a Basic Abilities Test (BAT). 

The BAT measures an applicant’s ability and likelihood of success in learning the essential job duties and responsibilities of a law enforcement or correctional officer.  For example, the BAT measures written expression, oral comprehension, selective attention, visualization, inductive and deductive reasoning. 

The BAT is a multiple-choice written examination consisting of 104 questions.  The BAT takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. 

The minimum passing score on the BAT is 71 for a law enforcement officer applicant and 77 for a correctional officer applicant.  A passing score is valid four years from the date of the test.   

Applicants may take the BAT up to three (3) times in each discipline (law enforcement or corrections) during any twelve-month period.