These courses are designed for Florida sworn criminal justice officers.  Contact your agency's training unit to register. (There is no registration form on this website for Advanced & specialized classes).  Officers outside of Hillsborough county will be placed on our waiting list and seated if possible.  
Please keep in mind that this is not an annual schedule.  It changes on a monthly basis as classes are requested by our local agencies so check back with us often! 
Just click on the course name to see the flyer.
 Instructor Techniques  Oct 6-15 '14  8am-5pm  No longer accepting applications 
 Discipline & Special Confinement  Oct 13-17 '14  8am-5pm  
 Street Crimes  Oct 20-22 '14  8am-5pm  
 Investigating the Dark Side of the Internet  Oct 21-23 '14  8am-5pm  
 Interviews & Interrogations  Oct 27-31 '14  8am-5pm  
 Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs  Nov 3-7 '14  8am-5pm  
 Kinesics  Nov 12-14 '14  8am-5pm No longer accepting applications 
 Physical Surveillance  Nov 17-20 '14  8am-5pm  
 Taser Instructor - Req 4 hrs on-line prior to  Nov 17-18 '14  8am-5pm No longer accepting applications
 Taser Inst Recert - Req 8 hrs on-line prior to    Nov 18 '14  8am-5pm No longer accepting applications 
 Supervisory Techniques  Dec 1-5 '14  8am-5pm  
 Speed Measurement Instructor  Dec 8-12 '14  8am-5pm  Registration at
 Instructor Techniques  Jan 12-22 '15  8am-5pm  Flyer coming soon...
 ASP Baton Instructor  Jan 12-15 '15  8am-5pm  Flyer coming soon...
 More classes to be added soon...      
 Updated:  September 24, 2014