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Caroline Johnson Levine serves as an Assistant Attorney General assigned to the Office of the Attorney General's Civil Litigation Bureau and provides trial and appellate civil litigation defense of State Agencies and State employees in State and Federal Court against Plaintiff’s law suits in the 35 counties that comprise the United States Middle District.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Florida Atlantic University and her Law Degree from Florida State University.  From 2000 until 2010, she worked as an Assistant State Attorney conducting jury trials against criminal defendants involving serious felony crimes, such as child sexual abuse, robberies, forgeries, burglaries, drug trafficking, aggravated batteries, arson, DUI manslaughter, and firearm offenses under the prison releasee reoffender, habitual offender, and 10/20/Life statutes.  She worked closely with law enforcement officers in order to investigate crimes and provide legal advice prior to making charging decisions to include being on call on a twenty-four hour basis to approve arrest and search warrants.