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DANCE EVENTS – November 1st
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Nomadis by Antiheros Project
November 1st at 7:30 pm
Mainstage Theatre, Ybor City Campus - Free Admission,
NOMADIS, an original physical theater piece inspired by the concept of freedom, the lives and works of some of the authors of the Beat Generation, and fragments of memories of the very life of the performers; a theatrical laboratory that merges the complexity of a group of Miami based artists and the nomadic nature of the human being.   A group of friends during their youthful days of glory; a story about the people who come and go in our lives; a universal tale of the fire that burns in all of us and the dreams we once had. A multi-layered performance project created by an interdisciplinary team integrated by performers, filmmakers and musicians which features live music and projections. The piece is inspired by the contemporary diaspora, the nomadism and the Beat Generation, the group of the 1950s poets and writers known for their well-documented travels and for laying down the foundations of American counter-culture.

Beyond these sources of inspiration, the piece is composed in its entirety with fragments of memories of the very life of the performers. That is why Nomadis is, in a way, a collective experience that moves away from conventional aesthetics in order to become an organic risk-taking exploration. It has become a theatrical laboratory where performers, filmmakers and musicians have been able to unfold themselves by playing with impulses and taking part in the construction of the text, written based on numerous improvisations.

The story of Nomadis unravels when memories are drawn from a photograph re-discovered by the main character; a photograph of the young protagonist and his friends during the happiest time of their lives. These long lost friends emerge onto the stage and take the audience into a dreamlike, non-linear journey through the subconscious of the character to confront his life’s regrets, his unrequited quest to fulfill his dreams, and his longing for the glory days of youth.

The collaborators behind this project have envisioned an adaptable format for the presentation of the work in traditional and non-traditional venues to offer South Florida audiences high quality theatre in a fresh, accessible, innovative context.

The piece features text in Spanish and English to appeal to South Florida’s diverse and multilingual audience, and the presentations will also include Spanish and English supertitles; furthermore, some of the presentations will have other programmatic accessibility components such as ASL interpretation, large print and Braille programs, touch tour, audio description and assistive listening devices.
November 1st from 2:00 - 4:30 pm
HCC Dance Studio, Ybor City Campus  -  Free and open to actors, dancers and performers.