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Contact Information

Physical Address:                                                       Mailing Address:
Hillsborough Community College                        Hillsborough Community College
2002 N. 17th St.                                                          Attn: Jim Gary
PSTB-162                                                                 2112 North 15th Street
Tampa, Fl. 33605                                                    Tampa, Fl. 33605-3648      

Faculty/Staff and Contact Information
Full time Faculty
James Gary, Fire Science Degree Coordinator
& Lead Instructor
Office Phone 813-253-7779
Fax 813-253-7973 (Fax machine located in mail room and not in our office)
Office hours vary based on FD shifts and class schedule
Adjunct Faculty  (To contact Adjunct Faculty call the office at 813-253-7779 or email

Gary Allen
Paul Snodgrass
Todd Alt
Geoff Brown