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Course Offierings:
Fire Science courses are either offered on a Monday – Friday 8am - 5:30pm, or (occasionally) on a shift friendly schedule, or available online.  Please check the course description page and the current term schedule for more information as not all courses will meet online requirements.  The courses are on a one year rotation basis.
Off schedule / off campus courses – In an effort to meet the needs of both the firefighters and the employing agencies we will make every effort to create a class not on a current schedule based on the demand for it.  A guaranteed minimum of 10 students is required to create a class.  Maximum limits are provided on the course description page.  Occasionally agencies ask to host an off campus class at their facility.  Depending on the course and its content, this can be negotiated by calling the Fire Science office at 813-253-7779. 
Transfer Opportunities:
Graduates of the Fire Science Technology program can transfer to Northwood University for the Bachelor of Business Administration Major – Management / Fire Science Management.
Visit Us:
Come visit our campus, and discuss your future with a faculty or staff member.  We would like to meet you.  If you like, e-mail us for more information from the faculty page. 
Fire Science Technology
Associate in Science
Fire fighting and prevention have always been a demanding career.  The associate degree program combines technical study and course work in Mathematics, English, Physical Science and Liberal Arts with knowledge necessary to advance into supervisory or management level positions.  Successful completion of this program will lead to an Associate in Science in Fire Science Technology.  Hillsborough Community College’s program will prepare you for a career as a fire officer, fire instructor, fire investigator, fire safety inspector, hazardous materials technician, building inspector, or career in fire insurance sales. 
AS Fire Science Technology
(60 Credit Hours)
General Education Requirements
Prefix             Course Title
ENC 1101     Freshman English 1                                  3 Credit Hours
MGF 1119     Introductory Mathematics with
Applications (non transferable) or
Mathematics General Education
(transferable)                                               3 Credit Hours
PSY 2012      General Psychology                                  3 Credit Hours
SYG 2000      Introduction to Sociology                        3 Credit Hours
(Select 1 Humanities Course below)                             3 Credit Hours
AML 2010, AML 2020, ARH 1000, ENL 2012, ENL 2022, HUM 2210, HUM 2230, HUM 2410, HUM 2420, LIT 2110, LIT 2120, MUL 1010, PHI 1100, PHI 1600.  Note – PHI 1600 Ethics, is recommended for the Northwood transfer.
Program Required Courses
CGS 1107     Introduction to Computers                      1 Credit Hour
FFP 1000      Introduction to Fire Science                    3 Credit Hours
FFP 1506      Fire Prevention & Investigation Practices       3 Credit Hours
FFP 1710      Company Officer                                        3 Credit Hours        
FFP 1810      Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategy I      3 Credit Hours
FFP 2120      Building Construction for the Fire Service     3 Credit Hours
FFP 2401      Hazardous Materials I                               3 Credit Hours
FFP 2402      Hazardous Materials II                              3 Credit Hours
FFP 2490C    Hazardous Materials Chemistry            4 Credit Hours
FFP 2510      Codes and Standards                               3 Credit Hours
FFP 2521      Construction Documents & Plans Review     3 Credit Hours
FFP 2540      Private Fire Protection Systems I          3 Credit Hours
FFP 2604      Cause and Origin                                       3 Credit Hours
FFP 2740      Fire Service Course Delivery                  3 Credit Hours
FFP 2811      Fire FightingTactics and Strategy II      3 Credit Hours
SPC 1006      Speech Improvement                                1 Credit Hour
Note 1:  The following classes are required for Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training Certification as a Fire Officer:  FFP 1710, FFP 1506, FFP 1810, FFP 2740, FFP 2540, FFP 2401, and FFP 2402.
Note 2:  The following classes are required for Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training Certification as a Municipal Fire Safety Inspector:  FFP 1506, FFP 2120, FFP 2540, FFP 2521, and FFP 2510.