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This degree program is designed to build on the student's experience in the fire service and to prepare graduates to lead public sector fire and emergency service units. Applicants must be active firefighters. As a minimum, you must be certified as a Fire Fighter I and be an active member of a career or volunteer fire department.
What if..
. I hold an Associate in Arts Degree? If you have an Associate in Arts degree from a Florida community college, you may apply to the University of Florida as a transfer student. To be admitted to the University as a Junior, you must have the A.A. plus foreign language requirements. (note: If your AA is NOT from a Florida community college, please compare the courses listed in the attached file, GeneralEd.doc, which contain suggested general education requirements)
. I have an A.S. degree in either Fire Science, EMS or Emergency Management? You should request that your transcripts be reviewed. If you have not completed the general education prerequisites or their equivalents, you may be admitted as a non-degree seeking student to the University of Florida. You will be able to take FES courses while you are finishing the prerequisites.
All FES classes are delivered via the Internet and are asynchronous. Copies of your transcripts can be sent via FAX for evaluation. The tuition costs is $193 per credit hour for both in and out of state students. Please feel free to contact me for additional information.
Note: For an explanation of accreditation, read the attached Firehouse article. UF is Regionally Accredited, which is the highest level of accreditation.
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