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Your instructor will upload the class grades as soon as possible after the last posted day of class.  Once they are uploaded, it may take 24 hours to post.  Provided there were no service interruptions, grades could be available on HawkNet as early as the day after your class ends.  If grades for your class have not appeared after several days, please call our office at 813-253-7779. 

Click here to go to HawkNet    Login with your first intial and last name as your username and your seven digit student ID number as your password.


Click here to go to the FACTS web site   

Print these instructions to access your grades on the FACTS web site:


1.  Click on the link above to go to the site

2.  Click on College Students

3.  Click on Get College Transcript

4.  Click on Continue

5.  Choose HCC from the list of Institutions

6.  As your student ID, enter your social security number without any hyphens  (i.e. 123456789)

7.  As your PIN number, enter your date of birth in the format of mmddyy.