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bunsen burner alcohol in a Petri dish striker alcohol spreader innoculation needle innoculation needle innoculation loop slant culture tube slant culture tube slant culture tube slant culture tube test tube rack test tube rack

In order to prepare a spread or streak plate you need this equipment:

(1) a test_tube_rack to hold slant_culture_tubes that contain agar with bacterial colonies;

(2) a bunsen_burner and striker so you can flame the mouth of the culture tube when you open it to take out a sample of the bacterial culture, and flame it again prior to closing the tube;

(3) a Petri_dish filled with agar, which will be used as a growth medium for your bacterial culture;

(4) an inoculation_needle, which will be used to move some of the colonies from the growth surface of the slant tube to agar surface in the Petri dish.

Sometimes bacterial cultures are grown in a culture tube that contains liquid agar, which is known as a broth. When transferring bacteria from the broth to the agar surface of a Petri dish, an inoculation_loop is used instead of an inoculation needle.