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Anatomists divide the abdominopelvic_cavity (body_cavity) into quadrants and regions to facilitate study and discussion.

The quadrants are: (1) right_upper_quadrant (RUQ), (2) left_upper_quadrant (LUQ), (3) right_lower_quadrant (RLQ), and (4) left_lower_quadrant (LLQ). Anatomists picture one transverse_plane and one median_sagittal_plane passing through the umbilicus at right angles to create other quadrants. You should be familiar with the quadrants and their major organs.

There are nine regions: right_hypochondriac, right_lumbar, right_iliac (inguinal), left_hypochondriac, left_lumbar, left_iliac (inguinal), epigastric, umbilical, and hypogastric (pubic).

The umbilical region is in the center of the abdominopelvic cavity and includes the umbilicus. The epigastric region is superior to the umbilical region and includes the stomach. The hypogastric (a/k/a pubic) region is inferior to the umbilical region and includes the pubic area. Both iliac (a/k/a inguinal) regions are lateral to the hypogastric region and include the superior portion of the pelvic bones. The lumbar regions are lateral to the umbilical region, running from below the ribs to the superior edge of the hip. The right lumbar region includes the cecum and the left includes the point of origin of the sigmoid_colon. The hypochondriac regions are lateral to the epigastric region and lie over the lower ribs. The left hypochondriac includes the stomach and the right includes the liver.

In addition to knowing the quadrants and regions, you must also be familiar with these items:




body_planes, and