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Skeletal_muscles are named using these criteria: the direction of the muscle fibers, the relative size of the muscle, the location of the muscle, the number of origins, the location of the origin and insertion, the shape of the muscle and the specific action that the muscle performs.

There are various types of skeletal muscle actions, including prime_movers (agonists), antagonists, synergists, and fixators.

(1) The triceps is so named because it arises from three heads.

(2) The brachialis extends from the lateral head of the triceps to the ulna.

(3) Be careful when dissecting the brachioradialis because it is tightly tied to the fascia and might be removed with it!

(4) Look for the epitrochlearis, which is superficial to the triceps.

Palmaris longus Brachioradialis Brachialis Brachioradialis Epitrochlearis (superficial over triceps) Biceps Section of the triceps Section of the triceps