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The trachea is the "windpipe" that carries respiratory gases to and from the lungs. It extends from the larynx approximately 11 cm to the level of the sternal_angle. At the base of the trachea, the structure divides to become the right and left bronchi (sing: bronchus). The trachea is physically supported by a series of C-shaped hyaline cartilage rings.

The interior surface of the trachea is lined with pseudostratified_ciliated_columnar_epithelium.

Goblet_cells (which produce and release mucus) are often present. A layer of lamina_propria supports the epithelial surface. The seromucous_glands are located in the submucosa, as is the hyaline_cartilage.

pseudostratified cilated columnar epithelium lamina propria seromucous glands seromucous glands hyaline cartilage