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The kidneys filter blood and remove wastes that are then transported through the ureters to the urinary_bladder. The bladder empties its contents through the urethra. The urethra of the male has a dual function. It carries urine as well as reproductive fluids (but not at the same time). The urethra of a female has only one function - urinary excretion. In humans, one adrenal_gland sits on top of each kidney; hence they are said to be suprarenal. In cats, however, the adrenals are separate from the kidneys and are embedded in mesentery.


Inferior vena cava Kidney Ureter Uterus Uterine horn Uterine horn Ovary Oviduct (uterine tube) Ovarian ligament Bladder Urethra Colon Inferior vena cava Descending abdominal aorta Uterine horn Uterine horn