Bookstore Refund And Buy-Back Policy: 6HX-10-6.15


Title: BOOKSTORE REFUND AND BUY-BACK POLICY Identification: 6HX-10-6.15 Effective Date: 12/06/17
Authority: FS 1001.64; 1001.65 Signature/Approval: Dr. Ken Atwater


This administrative rule establishes the refund and buy-back policy for textbooks and other items purchased at campus Bookstores.


1. REFUND POLICY — Hillsborough Community College (HCC) Bookstores will grant full refunds on textbooks (whether purchased new or used) during the first two (2) weeks of the Fall, Spring and Summer semester. The refund period for all late start sessions lasting less than sixteen (16) weeks will be from the first day of classes for the session and the drop/add date for the session.

A. All refund requests must be accompanied by the original sales receipt, HCC student ID, and a governmental issued photo ID.

B. If purchased new, the textbooks must have no markings or be defaced in any manner. Textbooks that are sold as a sealed package must be returned unwrapped. Access Code packages must be unopened.

C. Defective textbooks merchandise, and supplies will be exchanged for a similar item within two (2) weeks of the original purchase.

D. Refunds will be issued for College and general merchandise items if returned within five (5) business days from the original purchase and the items are in their original unopened package.

E. No refund will be issue for special order textbooks, merchandise, and software.

F. No refund will be issued for textbooks, textbook packages and access codes marked "No Refund if Package is Open".

G. No refund will be issued for reference books, study aids and opened software.

H. No refund will be issued for items that come in contact with eyes, ears, nose or mouth.

I. No refund will be issued for food or beverage merchandise.

J. No refund will be issued for clothing items. If the clothing item is clean and not worn, the Bookstore will exchange for a different size or style.

2. BUY-BACK POLICY—The Bookstore will arrange for a third party textbook wholesaler to be on campus at the end of each semester to purchase used textbooks from students. The Bookstore will evaluate its current inventory and determine what textbooks and quantities of textbooks are needed for the next semester. If a textbook is determined to be needed, the title will be added to a used textbook want list provided to the textbook wholesale company. The buy-back period will be during the last weeks of the semester.


Adopted: 11/17/93; Revised: 8/30/06; Formerly: 6HX-10-5.107