Many students think that being good at math and science is something you were just born with. Trust us, math and science are subjects that require work to master! Think back to a time when you had no idea that 4+3=7. That might be easy math now, but at one point that was a very difficult problem. Learning requires time, effort, and practice, and the STEM Center is here to support you as you master new avenues of science and mathematics.

Some things we can support you with include:

  • Help with all mathematics courses
  • Help with most science courses
  • Helping to solve specific problems
  • General strategies for solving certain types of problems
  • Understanding specific concepts, terms, or steps
  • Providing additional practice problems for mastery



Study groups are a great support network for learning course material with friends and classmates. TAGS are a study group (3-6 students) with the added benefit of having a tutor ready to assist for one hour. Of course, students are still welcome to use the space to continue studying while their tutor goes to assist other students.

TAGS are most efficient when students have identified specific areas of focus (for example a review worksheet or homework #5) rather than broad topics (Chapters 8-12). Don't worry though, our tutors are trained to be able to narrow the focus if students are unsure. Our goal is to help you as best we can.

Study groups are particularly important in math and science since the homework is often problem sets. Different members of your class might solve problems differently, and seeing how others solve the same problem can help you learn. Also, helping others understand a problem helps you better understand it yourself.

If you want to form a study group and have a tutor available to supplement the group, ask the front desk staff for a TAGS form, and we'll be happy to provide the space and friendly tutor. Keep in mind that the more time availability that your group gives, the better we can accommodate.


Drop-In Center

You do not need an appointment to use your Brandon STEM Center. You can drop in anytime we are open. Feel free to come in with specific questions or concerns. We are here to help! Some students don't talk to a tutor when they visit the STEM Center. Some students are just looking for a quiet place to study math/science or to work with their study group. That's okay too. We are happy to provide a place for you. Our space is your space! And if you should happen to have a question while you are studying, the tutors are right there to help.



  • Anatomy models and slides
  • Biology models and slides
  • Calculator rental
  • Chemistry models
  • Computer lab
  • Current textbooks (math and science)
  • Geology samples
  • Handouts (all math and science levels)
  • Practice problems & solution manuals
  • Study space (for individuals or groups), whiteboards, and markers
  • Old textbooks

Location & Hours of Operation

Brandon Library Building (BLRC) | Room 200

Hours of operation