Many students think that they have to write like Shakespeare or Edgar Allen Poe to be a "good" writer. This simply isn't true. If you've made it this far to college, then you already are a writer. While you might not identify as a writer or like writing, our goal is to provide support on how you can write clearly and effectively. We do that as a team--you and us--by empowering you with lifelong skills.

Some things we can support you with include:
  • Identifying your strengths
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Planning out your assignment
  • Researching topics
  • Drafting content
  • Formatting your assignment (APA, MLA, Chicago)

(Tutor Assisted Group Study)

Study groups are a great support network for reviewing course material with friends and classmates. TAGS are a study group (2-6 students) with the added benefit of having a tutor ready to assist for one hour. Of course, students are still welcome to use the space to continue studying while their tutor goes to assist other students.

Often, TAGS are best for reviewing concepts (for example, grammar rules or paragraph structure). Even better is that if you have a test coming up on grammar, TAGS can help you and your classmates all in one session rather than having six individual sessions.

Additionally, TAGS are most efficient when students have identified specific areas of focus (for example, comma rules) rather than broad topics (grammar). Don't worry though, we know names of grammar topics can be puzzling -- modals, passive voice, etc. -- so our tutors are trained to be able to narrow the focus if students are unsure.

If you want to form a study group and have a tutor available to supplement the group, ask the front desk staff for a TAGS form, and we'll be happy to provide the space and friendly tutor. Keep in mind that the more time availability that your group gives, the better we can accommodate.

One-on-One Sessions

TAGS are great for a group setting, but if you'd like more individual attention, we'd recommend a one-on-one session where you have up to 45 minutes with a tutor to discuss any writing or reading topic. We welcome walk-ins any time that we're open. However, we're busiest one week before assignments are due, so we recommend planning to come in early and scheduling an appointment to secure your time.

To schedule an appointment, you can speak with the front desk staff, call us at 813-259-6598, or create an account online with WC Online.


The resources at your Communications Center include the following:
  • Study space
  • Computer lab
  • Printing (25 pages per day)
  • Textbooks
  • Handouts on writing/reading topics

Location & Hours

Academics Building (BACA) | Room 207