Student Success Coaching


A student success coach assists faculty and students in helping students to remove barriers to success.  This may mean introducing students to the tutoring programs on campus, or helping a student locate an advisor.  There can be many obstacles to success and the coach's job is to guide the student in (1) identifying the problem and then (2) locating the best resource possible to help remove that obstacle.

Why should faculty refer a student?

Faculty often know best when their students are struggling.  These indicators appear as poor attendance or poor academic performance, but they can also come to light through quick, 5-minute conversations before or after class.  Early Intervention is key!  At the first sign that a student is struggling, we encourage faculty to refer the student to coaching.  Our coach will reach out to the student and try to set up a plan to help the student become successful.

Why should a student contact the coach?

College can be a confusing place - don't suffer in silence!  If you are unsure of where to go next, or what can be done about a problem you may be experiencing, contact us and we will use our knowledge of campus resources to help you find the right path.

How do I refer a Student?

1. Email us at  Please include student name, ID number, and a brief description of the concern.

2. Stop by BACA 207 at the Brandon campus, and ask to speak with us!