Academic PROGRAM Assessment Resources

Resources for Academic Program Assessment Plans: 

Overview of the assessment process

HCC College Planning System

SLO Tutorial 

Resources for Student Learning Outcomes:
National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment- website assists institutions and others in discovering and adopting promising practices in the assessment of college student learning outcomes.
Bloom's Taxonomy-a taxonomy of learning commonly used to guide student learning outcome development
Format for Writing Student Learning Outcomes-provides a practical format to assist in writing your student learning outcomes

Developing Student Learning Outcomes-a guide for developing student learning outcomes at HCC.
Program SLOs relationship to course SLOs- a representation of how course and program SLOs overlap.
Cluster SLOs relationship to course SLOs-a representation of how cluster and course SLOs overlap.
Example outcomes by core area-provides a list of SLO examples by discipline area.

Resources for Assessment Methods:

Choosing an Assessment Method-provides an overview of assessment methods and tips for selecting your assessment tool.

AAC&U VALUE Rubrics-rubrics that were developed by teams of faculty experts representing colleges and universities across the United States to assess various domains of student learning.

Resources for Use of Results:

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment-website provides examples of action items based on assessment results from colleges.

Closing the Assessment Loop-an article by Banta and Blaich (2010) that discusses the importance of faculty engagement in putting assessment results into action.

FAQ's and Assessment Definitions:

FAQ's about Program Assessment at HCC- some frequently asked questions regarding program assessment at HCC.

HCC Assessment Words and Definitions-a set of commonly used assessment terms at HCC and their definitions.