Technical Programs ACADEMIC Assessment

The focus of program assessment is on measuring and improving student learning. Members of the program faculty develop Academic Assessment Plans and annually assess student learning outcomes, collect, analyze, and interpret assessment data, and use these results to modify the programs when appropriate. The assessment plan contains these components: 

Outcomes: The majority of the outcomes assessed should be Student Learning Outcomes. SLO's represent the consensus of the program faculty on what students should know and be able to do at the end of their program.

Method: This section describes the assessment methods and procedures used to measure student learning in the program (i.e. test items, projects) 

Expected Results/Targets: This is how success will be defined on the outcomes (i.e. 75% of students will demonstrate competency in this learning outcome) 

Results: The results are the data gathered from the methods employed.

Use of Results/Program Changes: This provides a description of the actions that were taken in response to the assessment results to help students reach the defined outcomes.

 Technical Program Assessment Process:

Assessment Oversight- Each dean has appointed a faculty member who has primary responsibility for the development & implementation of the assessment plan. All AS and PSAV programs should have assessment plans in the planning system.

An Overview of the Assessment Process

Guidelines for Developing & Implementing Assessment Plans

Submission- The new SLO planning system is housed within the College Planning System. It is a web-based system that helps manage accreditation, assessment, planning, and quality improvement processes at HCC. All technical program academic assessment plans are contained in the system, with faculty being able to edit and update their assessment plans annually.

SLO Planning System Tutorial    

For questions regarding Academic Program Assessment, please contact Dr. Jennifer Gangi at 813-259-6516 or