Associate in Arts Option
The Associate in Arts degree in Business Administration is a pre-major for students who may wish to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a bachelor of arts in fields such as business, specializing in such fields as accounting, economics, finance, insurance, marketing or management. Careers include various management positions in nearly every business and industry, such as sales, accountant, labor-negotiator and business owner.

Associate in Arts:

For more information on this transfer track, please see an academic advisor.  

Technical Programs:

  • Business Options
    AS Accounting Technology -  64 credit hours
    AS Business Administration - 60 credit hours
    AS Entrepreneurship - 60 credit hours
    AS International Business - 60 credit hours
    Accounting Technology Management Certificate - 27 credit hours
     Business Development and Entrepreneurship Certificate - 25 credit hours
     Business Management Certificate - 24 credit hours
     Business Operations Certificate - 18 credit hours
     Business Specialist Certificate - 12 credit hours
     Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate - 12 credit hours
  • Office Administration Options:
    AS Office Administration - 63 credit hours
     Human Resource Management Certficate- 27 credits
     Office Support Certificate - 12 credits
     Office Specialist Certificate - 18 credits
     Office Management Certificate - 27 credits
     Medical Coding and Billing Certificate - 34 credits
     Records Management Certificate - 27 credits
     Records Management Specialist - 18 credits