Mass Communications

Association in Arts

This transfer track is for students who want to pursue a four-year degree in mass communications, journalism, advertising, public relations, education and telecommunications. Careers include writing for various media, broadcasting, corporate communications, spokesperson for governmental agencies, various jobs such as copy writing within the advertising and public relations fields, video and audio-visual production and sales and political lobbyist.

For more information on this transfer track, please contact an academic advisor .

Associate in Sciences

This hands-on, skills-based program prepares students for careers in television, radio and the internet. Learn to produce TV newscasts, live sports coverage, entertainment shows commercial and promotional video. Students receive top-notch videographer and field reporter training using professional video cameras, non-linear video editing equipment and professional audio editing software. Gain valuable experience by producing, hosting and broadcasting on the college’s radio station


  • Digital Media/Multimedia: Instructional Technology
  • Digital Media/Multimedia: Production  
  • Digital Media/Multimedia: Video Production  
  • Digital Media/Multimedia: Web Production  
  • Digital Video Production