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Associate in Arts Degree

Get Your AA at HCC and Transfer for a Bachelor's Degree

The associate in arts (AA) degree is designed primarily to meet the requirements for a student to transfer to the upper division level of a college or university to continue to work toward a bachelor’s degree.

Students should be aware of the specific requirements for the AA degree imposed by state regulations and law. For example, general education and elective credit requirements integrate requirements established by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and Florida’s Gordon Rule.

Meeting graduation requirements for an AA degree from a Florida State College may not meet the prescribed course requirements to enter a specific program at a state university or private college belonging to the Independent Colleges of Florida.

HCC prepares students for hundreds of possible transfer majors, each of which has a distinct listing of common prerequisite courses designated by the Florida State University System (SUS). To ensure accuracy in selecting courses, students should meet with an HCC academic advisor.

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