Fulbright Initiative: Brazil's African Diaspora Itinerary

Travel Day


Day 1 – July 1

Depart U.S.

Day 2 – July 2


Week 1:

The African-Brazilian heritage  and its connection to Catholicism 




Overview of the week’s program in Belo

-Ms. Santos 

Day 3 – July 3


Portuguese Lesson: First formal lesson. Participants will practice their introductions and sentences about the self. (CC will communicate our goals to our instructor, but we will provide  the Portuguese specialist  with the freedom to determine how to get us there.)


Late AM: Field Trip City tour. Special visit  to the buildings of Oscar Niemeyer

-- Daisy Quintão e Silva


PM: Samba workshop (optional)

Day 4 – July 4



--Portuguese Class  (formal Portuguese class for novice speakers)


--Lecture: Student Forum with Prof Jose Brito at Federal University of Minis Geris

--Prof Jose Brito



--Field TripInhotim Museum.

Guide: Daisy Quintão e Silva

Day 5 – July 5


Portuguese Class


Field Trip

Visit to quilombos: Atruro

-- Prof Jose Brito

Day 6 – July 6


Depart for Ouro Preto

 Field Trip  --City tour – visit to churches, museums, fountains, art work 

--Daisy Quintão e Silva

Day 6 – July 7


  Field Trip: All day trip to Congohas. Full day visit to churches and museums, and the sculpture series  of Aleijadinho

-- Daisy Quintão e Silva

Day 7 – July 8


Morning departure to Salvador. Arrive in Salvador late afternoon


Lecture: Orientation  for the week

-Paula Santos


Time to regroup and digest learning activities from the previous week

Day 8 – July 9


Reflection Workshop/

Team Building exercise

Dr. Lynch and Prof. Wasner

Day 9 – July 10


Week 2:

Begin Portuguese focus  and the heritage of music

Field Trip:  AM-- African Heritage City Tour of Salvador, Bahia

--Ms. Paula Santos


 Free afternoon to spend time in some of the museums in the city

Day 10 – July 11


-- --Portuguese class – Introduction to the permanent teacher: Mr. Romolou Craveiro   


AM- Lecture: Feminism in the HipHop music scene

--Prof Nadja Vlad


Field Trip:  Ilê Aiyê  and Olodum studios 

Day 11 – July 12



– Portuguese Lessons  


Lecture: History of African-  Brazilian Dance

Dr. Katerina Doring



– Workshop: Samba

Dr. Doring


-- Field trip: Tuesday night in the historic Pelourinho district is a night of celebration (optional).

Day 12 – July 13



Portuguese Lessons


Lecture: Beyond Bossa Nova: The Rich Universe of Afro-Brazilian Music

--Musician  Harlei Eduardo



 Workshop: Indigenous musical instruments

-Musician Giba Conceicao

Day 13 – July 14



Portuguese Lessons


–Lecture: Street Art: 

--Artist Ana Dumas



Lecture: Feeding the Earth: Candomblé and Ecology

--Prof. Diosmar Santana,  ABD

Day 14 – July 15


AM -- Portuguese Lessons


Field trip: Leave for Cachoeira and the Recuncavo Region (two day excursion —two hours from Salvador by bus)

--: Walking tour of Open Market

-- museum dedicated to the Sisterhood

--Paula Santos

Day 15 – July 16


Lecture:  History of the Boa Morte Sisterhood


Field trip: Attend the Boa Morte Festival; visit Cachoeira and the Recuncavo Region


----leave for Salvador late afternoon

Day 16 – July 17


Week 3:

Focus on Literature, Art, and Education in Brazil



Reflection Seminar:

--Dr. Lynch and Prof Wasner



--Field Trip: Balé Folclóricois an evening performance of traditional dance


Day 17 – July 18




– Portuguese lessons


Field trip: Museum trip and discussion with Director of Casa do Rio Vermelho, a museum about Jorge Amado (free admission on Mondays)

 Dr. Selene Dias


PM Lecture: Civil Rights in Brazil

Activist Gilberto Leal

Day 18 – July 19


Portuguese Class:


Lecture: The Slave Trade and its Impact on both sides of the Atlantic

Prof. Cosme Onawale


PM Lecture: On Being a Filmmaker

--Filmaker. Daiane Silva

Day 19 – July 20



Portuguese Lessons


Field Trip/ Lecture: half  day visit to Anglo-Brasileiro

-Dr. Selene Dias


Field Trip:– Visit to Artists’ Studios

Prominent  artists such as e.j. Cunha  will introduce us to his work, methods, and voice which speak for and about the community of candomblé.


Day 20 – July 21



Portuguese lessons 

Lecture: Aesthetics of Afro-Brazilian Art

Dr. Adalberto Santos


Workshop: Capoeria Workshop/demonstration

--Capoeira  artist Valgem

Day 21 – July 22



Program Project Workshop

Lynch and Wasner and Santos

Day 22– July 23


Free day

Day 23 – July 24

Week 4: Sunday   

Focus on Religion and Syncretism And Racial Democracy

Portuguese Lesson: Restaurant outing

Afternoon free to work on projects

Day 24 – July 25



Portuguese Lessons

Lecture: Afro-Brazilian Masculinity

- Dr. Leandro Colling



Field trip: visit to a quilombo

Ms. Belinda

Day 25 – July 26


Portuguese Lessons


Lecture: African-Brazilian Religion and Symbolism

-Memetu Lucia


Field Trip/: Visit the studio of Dida

--Prof. Viviam Caroline

Day 26 – July 27


Portuguese Evaluation: Beginning of the evaluation process  


Day to work on project or collect materials for project


Field trip: PM—Salon night

--Writers and editors of Ogums




Day 27 – July 28


Portuguese Class (evaluation)

 AM-Lecture : History of Bahian cuisine

-- Ms. Angelica Moriera


PM Lecture: —Feminism and Representation

Dr. Angela Figueredo

Day 28 – July 29


Portuguese Class (evaluation)


Program Project Workshops and final forum

--Lynch and Wasner


Lecture: Guided tour of Museum  of Carnival

Day 29 July 30



Free Day

July 31


Check out of hotel. Airport departure.

Return to U.S.


Pre-Departure Schedule

Travel Day


March 5

Day 1  



Orientation and breakfast

(program and purpose)


Introductions (1hr)


Overview of program (1 hr.)


How to use Canvas


Pre-Test (1 hr.)



March 12

Portuguese lessons

March 19

Portuguese Lessons

March 26

Portuguese lessons

April 2

Portuguese  Lessons

April 23


Afro-Brazilian Culture & History in Bahia (1.5 min)

Portuguese lesson (1.5 hrs.)

April 30

Film viewing and discussion: Black Orpheus (1.5 hrs)

Portuguese lesson (1.5 hrs)

May 7

Music of Africa and Brazil (1.5 hrs)

Portuguese Lesson (1.5 hrs)

May 14

Internationalizing the Curriculum: Theory and Practice (2hrs)

Portuguese Lesson (1.5 hr)

May 21

The Color of Love: Racial Features and Affective Capital in Black Brazilian  Families (1.5hrs)

Portuguese Lesson (1.5  hrs)

May 28

A Refuge of Thunder: Candomblé in Bahia (1.25)

Portuguese: Exploring Portuguese through the dialogue of Candomble

June 4


Closing session and breakfast

Preparations for travel (1hr)


Portuguese Lesson (1.5 hrs.)