EAP Classes

EAP Course Offerings:

  • EAP classes are offered on three HCC campuses: Dale Mabry, SouthShore, and Ybor City. Classes meet in the fall, spring, and summer. Fall and spring semesters are usually 16 weeks long while summer classes meet for 10 weeks.
  • HCC offers a variety of online and on-campus classes.
  • Daytime and evening classes are available. Classes usually meet twice a week unless stated otherwise in the course schedule. For further assistance, contact the EAP Student Manager or the Advising office of the campus you wish to attend.
  • ​All classes require a computer, reliable Internet connection, and audio/video recording capability.

The program offers six (6) levels, from beginning to advanced. After successfully enrolling at HCC, a student will take an English placement test (ACCUPLACER LOEP). The test measures the student's reading skills, language use skills, and writing ability. Based on the student's test scores, the student is placed in one of the six levels

Level Class Class Class Class
1 Speech/Listening Reading Writing Grammar
2 Speech/Listening Reading Writing Grammar
3 Speech/Listening Reading Writing Grammar
4 Speech/Listening Reading Writing Grammar
5 Reading Reading Lab Writing Writing Lab
6 Reading Reading Lab Writing Writing Lab


  • Students progress from the level in which they were placed to the next by successfully completing each course in the level with a grade of C or higher.
  • Students in levels 1-4 receive institutional credit.
  • Students in level 5-6 receive elective credit, which can be used towards the Associate in Arts (AA) degree.
  • Students enrolled in levels 5-6 can begin taking some college courses such as Math, CGS, and SLS. Meeting with an advisor to determine which of these courses fit into a chosen academic pathway is highly recommended.
  • Once students complete Level 6, they can register for HCC college-level courses.
  • Completion of the EAP curriculum satisfies the foreign language requirement for the AA degree at HCC.
  • Students who complete EAP and pass ENC 1101 at HCC may transfer to the University of South Florida without taking the TOEFL.
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Course Offerings by Campus


Each campus has specific times and offerings for their EAP program. See which one best fits your needs.