Entrepreneurs in Residence

The Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) who work with InLab@HCC serve on a temporary basis and fill several critical roles:

Outsider Role.
We believe that it is important to bring in entrepreneurs from outside the Tampa Bay region. Without relationships or allegiances locally, the InLab@HCC  EIRs are better able to provide objective input, direction, and feedback to our members. The EIRs are in a unique position to evaluate the elements of our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Tough Love Role.
Because the EIRs are on a temporary assignment, one of their main job responsibilities is to provide straight talk to our clients working on their businesses. This earnest feedback is based on extensive experience, and provides our members with a unique perspective.

Connector Role.
The EIRs are responsible for connecting our members to resources outside of Tampa Bay to accelerate collaboration and innovation. By providing connectivity to other communities around the world, the EIRs add value to our entrepreneurs, and our local ecosystems, so that we are in a better position to co-create a meaningful and impactful entrepreneurial community.