InLab@HCC Business Advisors and Mentors


InLab@HCC provides a comprehensive network of mentors, workshops, advisors, subject matter experts, and entrepreneurs-in-residence.

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Close Up Of Senior Couple Meeting With Financial Advisor In Office

Business Advisors

InLab@HCC is fortunate to have an outstanding team of experienced business advisors with a rich history of practicing entrepreneurship, and running businesses of various types. Because business advisory services are not appropriate for everyone, it is important to understand what the role of an advisor is, and how it differs from that of a mentor. Read more...

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female student and male advisor having a conversation in the allied health building

Business Mentors

Our highly engaged business mentors are here to support you, serve as role models and assist in guiding you through your entrepreneurial journey. A mentor may be a better starting point for some people in the  early stages of their business development because they serve as a role model, and share their wisdom with you

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Workshop Facilitators

We offer a wide range of high impact educational workshops about various stages of entrepreneurship.  All of our workshops are themed around the nine building blocks that make uo the business model canvas. We are so fortunate to have a collection of dedicated subject matter experts that are able to deliver these workshops to you.



Our team of faculty instructors bring significant credentials and more than 70 years of collective experience to the delivery of our entrepreneurship programs.

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Entrepreneurs in Residence

Our Entrepreneurs-In-Residence (EIR) program offers our members access to unique, experienced individuals who are working with us on a temporary basis.