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This curriculum is from the current college catalog and is meant to provide prospective students an example of courses taken in this degree/certificate. It is not intended to be used for graduation requirements. Students should consult an advisor for graduation information.

Program Required Courses

YEAR I – First Semester
†ENC 1101 English Composition I  3 cr.
†HSA 2117 Health Care Delivery 3 cr.
PSY 2012 General Psychology  3 cr.
STA 2023 Elementary Statistics 3 cr.

YEAR I – Second Semester
†BSC 1005 Biological Foundations  3 cr.
†BSC 1005L Biological Foundations Laboratory  1 cr.
†HSC 1531 Medical Terminology  3 cr.
†PHI 1600 Ethics  3 cr.
†SYG 2000 Introduction to Sociology  3 cr.

YEAR I – Third Semester
†CGS 1107 Introduction to Computers  3 cr.
†SPC 1608 Public Speaking  3 cr.

YEAR II – First Semester
HSC 2400 First Aid.  3 cr.
†HSC 2100 Health Education  3 cr.
†HSC 2660 Health Communications  3 cr.
PHC 2100 Introduction to Public Health 3 cr.

YEAR II – Second Semester
†HSA 2322 Health Insurance  3 cr.
†HSC 2669 Prevention and Community Health  3 cr.
†HSC 2721 Accessing and Analyzing Health Information  3 cr.
*Elective 3 cr.

YEAR II – Third Semester
†HSC 2810 Health Navigator Practicum  4 cr.
 *Elective  3 cr.

*Select 6 credit hours from the following list:
†HSA 2010 Issues and Trends in Public Health  3 cr.
†HSC 2130 Sex, Health and Decision Making  3 cr.
†HSC 2561 Care for an Aging Population  3 cr.
†PHC 2040 Foundations in Epidemiology  3 cr.
†PHC 2321 Environmental Concepts in Public Health 3 cr.

†Courses symbolized by a dagger (†) are offered online in addition to the traditional delivery method. Online
availability may vary by academic term. 


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