Health Science Admission Updates COVID-19

Temporary admission process and submission of limited access Health Science Programs applications for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

  1. Nursing Program ATI TEAS test requirement has been suspended/waived for the August 15 deadline.
  2. Dental Hygiene and Respiratory Care Programs required attendance at Information Session has been suspended/waived for the May 15 deadline.
  3. MRI - ATI TEAS Test has been suspended for the July 15 deadline. Cumulative GPA will be used as the tiebreaker.
  4. MLS Program deadline is June 15. For the current admissions cycle, MLS will waive the TEAS requirement with the stipulation that the applicants who already completed the TEAS will get priority and all other applicants will be ranked by cumulative GPA.
  5. Completed applications for Nursing, Paramedic, Nuclear Medicine, Respiratory Care, Dental Hygiene, Dental Assisting, and Computed Tomography can be mailed or emailed to Health Sciences Admissions email -
    1. Applicants need to download the application, open the PDF file and complete the form directly on the PDF file, save it, and send it as an attachment. (No zip files or forms completed in handwriting and scanned).
    2. Application fee payment - Online payment only and must send a copy of payment receipt
  6. Students must use their HCC Hawkmail to send their applications and admission documents. No other email will be accepted.
  7. If applying to more than one program, the student needs one application per program.
  8. Application fee - $53 for first application, $10 for each additional application for the fall term.
  9. Other documents students might need to send, if required for admission, are copy of licenses, certifications, CPR, TEAS test scores (MLS & MRI), verification of employment letter, and addendum. NO diplomas, resume, recommendation letters, other documents not required for admission.
  10. Health Sciences Admissions will send a confirmation receipt email.


  • Deduction for more than two attempts per course. (Page 14 – Health Sciences Handbook
  • Health Sciences Admissions apply the policy of “First passing grade.” The State of Florida statute prohibits HCC from allowing a student to retake a course when the student has taken the course previously and received a “C” or higher grade. (Page 14 – Health Sciences Handbook)
  • Nursing minimum prerequisite GPA to be considered for admission is 2.8.
  • MLS minimum overall GPA (bachelor degree) to be considered for admission is 2.8.

Note: Students must use their HCC Hawkmail to send their applications and admission documents. No other email will be accepted.