Invasive Cardiovascular Technology AS Curriculum

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This curriculum is from the current college catalog and is meant to provide prospective students an example of courses taken in this degree/certificate.  It is not intended to be used for graduation requirements.  Students should consult an advisor for graduation information.

Prerequisite Courses Required for Admission

†BSC 2085 Human Anatomy and Physiology I  3 cr.
†BSC 2085L Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory  1 cr.
†BSC 2086 Human Anatomy and Physiology II  3 cr.
†BSC 2086L Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory  1 cr.
†ENC 1101 English Composition I 3 cr.
†MAC 1105 College Algebra 3 cr.
PSY 2012 Introduction to Psychology  3 cr.

YEAR I – First Semester
CVT 1001 Introduction to Invasive Cardiovascular Technology  3 cr.
CHM 1025 Introductory Chemistry  3 cr.
CHM 1025L Introductory Chemistry Laboratory 1 cr.
PHY 1020C Conceptual Physics 3 cr.
Humanities General Education CORE  3 cr.

YEAR I – Second Semester
CVT 1800L Invasive Cardiovascular Pre-Clinical I  3 cr.
CVT 1220 Cardiovascular Pharmacology  2 cr.
CVT 1260 Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology  3 cr.
MCB 2000 Microbiology and Human Disease  3 cr.
MCB 2000L Microbiology and Human Disease Laboratory  1 cr.

YEAR I – Third Semester
CVT 1801L Invasive Cardiovascular Pre-Clinical II  3 cr.

YEAR II – First Semester
CVT 2420C Invasive Cardiology I  6 cr.
CVT 2805C Cardiovascular Interventional Pre-Practicum  3 cr.
CVT 2660C Non-Invasive Cardiology  2 cr.
CVT 2110L Invasive Cardiovascular Clinical II  3 cr.

YEAR II – Second Semester
CVT 2845L Invasive Cardiovascular Clinical III  3 cr.
CVT 2421C Invasive Cardiovascular II  6 cr.
CVT 2211 Critical Care Applications  2 cr.

YEAR II – Third Semester
CVT 2846L Invasive Cardiovascular Clinical IV  4 cr.
CVT 2921 Cardiovascular Technologist as a Profession  2 cr.

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