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This curriculum is from the current college catalog and is meant to provide prospective students an example of courses taken in this degree/certificate.  It is not intended to be used for graduation requirements. Students should consult an advisor for graduation information.

CCC.PARA (42 Credit Hours)

In addition to performing the skills of an EMT, paramedics are trained in advanced life support techniques, including endotracheal intubation, electrocardiogram monitoring, and interpretation, DC electrical countershock and administration of intravenous fluids and medications.

The program is offered on different schedules with three admission dates per year (see the allied health admissions criteria and procedure section of this catalog).

Effective July 1, 2013, the Florida Department of Health and the Department of Education adopted the 2009 National Emergency Medical Service Education Standards for Paramedic Instruction Guidelines to replace the 1998 DOT EMT and Paramedic National Standard Curriculum. Paramedic is currently offered at the Dale Mabry and South Shore campuses.

Program Required Courses

YEAR I – First Semester
†EMS 2621 Paramedic Phase I - 7 cr.
EMS 2621L Paramedic Phase I Practicum - 4 cr.
EMS 2666 Paramedic Clinical I - 3 cr.

YEAR I – Second Semester
†EMS 2622 Paramedic Phase II - 8 cr.
EMS 2622L Paramedic Phase II Practicum - 4 cr.
EMS 2667 Paramedic Clinical II - 3 cr.

YEAR I – Third Semester
†EMS 2617C Assessment - Based Management Proficiency - 2 cr.
†EMS 2623 Paramedic Phase III - 6 cr.
EMS 2623L Paramedic Phase III Practicum - 2 cr.
EMS 2668 Paramedic Clinical III - 3 cr.

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