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This curriculum is from the current college catalog and is meant to provide prospective students an example of courses taken in this degree/certificate.  It is not intended to be used for graduation requirements. Students should consult an advisor for graduation information.

AS.OA.MED.MAN (60 Credit Hours)

This specialization prepares students for a position as a medical office manager, medical office assistant, medical coder, medical staff assistant, medical billing clerk, medical records clerk, insurance processor, medical transcriptionist, or executive assistant.

Program Required Courses

YEAR I - First Semester
†ENC 1101 English Composition I  - 3 cr.
†HIM 1000 Introduction to Health Information Management  - 3 cr.
†HSC 1531 Medical Terminology  - 3 cr.
†OST 2854C Office Applications for Business  - 3 cr.

YEAR I – Second Semester
†HIM 1112C Electronic Health Records  - 2 cr.
†OST 1335 Business Communications  - 3 cr.
†PSY 2012 General Psychology or †SYG 2000, Introduction to Sociology  - 3 cr. Mathematics General Education  - 3 cr.

YEAR I – Third Semester
†HIM 1453 Anatomy and Physiology for Medical Coding or †BSC 2085, Human Anatomy and Physiology and †BSC 2085L, Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory  4 cr
†MAN 2021 Principles of Management  - 3 cr.
†PHI 1600 Ethics  - 3 cr.
Humanities General Education  - 3 cr.

YEAR II – First Semester
†APA 1111 Basic Accounting  - 3 cr.
†MAN 2300 Introduction to Human Resource Management  - 3 cr.
†SPC 1608 Public Speaking  - 3 cr.
OST 2858 Excel Spreadsheets for Business  - 3 cr.

YEAR II – Second Semester
†HIM 2272C Billing and Insurance II  - 3 cr.
†HIM 2275C Medical Billing and Insurance I  - 3 cr.
†OST 1100C Keyboarding and Document Processing  - 3 cr.
*†OST 2135 Medical Office Procedures  - 3 cr.

*Requires additional coursework.

†Courses symbolized by a dagger (†) are offered online in addition to the traditional delivery method. Online availability may vary by academic term.

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