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PSAV • Automotive Collision Technology Technician

VOC.ARR.TECH (1400 Clock Hours)

Students in the Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing program learn automotive painting, body repair, frame straightening, trim and custom painting, tinting, welding, and glass and sheet metal installation.

Program Requirements

ARR 0022 Damage Analysis and Estimating - 75 Clock Hr. (2.5 Voc. Cr.)
ARR 0112 Automotive Collision Welding, Cutting and Joining - 75 Clock Hr. (2.5 Voc. Cr.)
ARR 0140 Automotive Collision Repair Helper/Assistant - 150 Clock Hr. (5.0 Voc. Cr.)
ARR 0141 Automotive Collision Refinish Technician - 450 Clock Hr. (15.0 Voc. Cr.)
ARR 0295 Structural Repair Technician - 350 Clock Hr. (11.6 Voc. Cr.)
ARR 0312 Non-Structural Damage Repair Technician - 300 Clock Hr. (10.0 Voc. Cr.)

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