Travel Reimbursement

Please note that All College Day is considered to be a full day meeting for full-time college employees. As such, you may request reimbursement if you wish to do so from your home campus, or from your home, whichever is closest to the Plant City Campus.


For example, if you live in Plant City and work at the Brandon Campus, your normal commute may be 38 miles round-trip. Your round-trip on Friday may be just 5 miles, so you would submit a mileage reimbursement for the 5 mile round-trip travel. The reimbursement rate is 44.5 cents per mile.


If using your home address, attach a Map Quest report to your request to support the mileage claimed.


Please use the Vicinity Travel form found here to request reimbursement. The form must be signed by your supervisor.


Again, there is no requirement to request reimbursement, only if you wish to. Thank you.

In-District Travel