Ask the Registrar

The Registrar

1. What are the functions of the Registrar's Office?
The Office of the Registrar is responsible for maintaining accurate and secure data as the custodian of student records for the college. Duties of the office include

  • admissions applications processing,
  • student registration,
  • transfer credit evaluations,
  • recording of grades,
  • processing of transcripts,
  • college course scheduling,
  • enrollment reporting and verification,
  • degree credential posting (graduation),
  • and coordination of the commencement ceremony.


1. I am thinking about applying to HCC. Where can I go to find more information?
Browse the Degrees and Certificates and Apply Now!

2. I've submitted my application; how long will I have to wait for a decision? 
Typically, your application will be processed within 1 to 2 days from the time it is submitted.

3. I have been admitted, what are my next steps? 
Once you have been admitted, you will receive email communication from us with your next steps. We always recommend meeting with an Academic Advisor on campus to discuss your academic plans.

4. How do I change my academic program? 
To change your program after you’ve applied, please complete a Program Change Request online via our student forms site.   

5. I’ve applied in the past, but my name has changed.  What do I do? 
You can apply like normal and include your former name on your application. If you would like your HCC login and Hawkmail updated, please email

6. Where can I find a paper application for admission? 

Attached is our paper application. Please download and complete the application and drop off at any HCC Admissions and Registration office. Additionally, you may mail the application to the following address: 

Hillsborough Community College 
Attn: Application 
1602 N. 15th St. 
Tampa, FL 33605 


1.  I want to send my transcripts to HCC, what is the address?  
Transcripts should be sent to the following address: 

Hillsborough Community College 
Attn: Transcripts 
1602 N. 15th St. 
Tampa, FL 33605 

2. Can I send my transcripts electronically? 
Transcripts can be submitted electronically. Electronic transcripts must be received directly from the institution or an electronic transcript exchange service to be considered official. If your institution requires an email address to send transcripts, you may use

3. I attended HCC and I need my transcripts! Where can I go to request them?  
From the MyHCC Portal, select 'Transcript Request'. If you are unable to access MyHCC due to not remembering your HCC username and password, create a New User account on the HCC Parchment Ordering website. If your name has changed since your last period of enrollment, please include your present and former names on your request.  

4. I am a former student returning and I already submitted my transcripts. Do I need to resubmit? 
Postsecondary transcripts are kept on file for a period of 5 years. However, if you have attempted more classes at a prior institution after your last enrollment at HCC, an updated transcript is required. High school transcripts once received need not be re-submitted. However, there could be exceptions. Please consult your nearest campus Admissions, Records and Registration office to know your exact transcript requirement. 

5. My old college won’t send my transcripts because I have an outstanding fee.  What do I do? 
We must have official transcripts from all postsecondary institutions attended for you to be a degree-seeking, financial aid eligible student at HCC. You will be considered a non-degree seeking student and will have to pay out of pocket if all transcripts are not received. 

6.  My high school/college is no longer open.  What do I do? 
Even though the high school is closed, there could be an entity or organization that has custody of all student records from closed institutions. Contact your state’s Department of Education for more information on closed schools. Visit Student Services on campus to discuss a solution regarding your circumstances if you are still unable to obtain your transcripts. 


1. I want the Florida Resident Tuition Discount. How do I qualify? 
To qualify for the Florida Resident Tuition Discount (in-state residency), you will need to submit two documents proving 12 months residency prior to the first day of the semester. For a full list of Residency requirements, please visit Residency.

2. I am a Florida resident, but I’m getting charged out of state tuition. How can I correct this? 
If you are a Florida resident and you’re being charged the out-of-state rate, we most likely haven’t received the required documentation to verify your instate residency. For more information on how to prove Florida Residency and submit your documents, please visit our Residency page. 

3. Why am I considered a dependent student if I am no longer living with my parents? 
The state of Florida defines a dependent as anyone under 24 that can be legally claimed as a dependent by a parent or guardian. For a list of exceptions to this rule, please visit Residency for additional information. 

4. I’ve been attending HCC as an out-of-state student, but I meet the requirements to be in-state now. Can I change my residency classification? 
To reclassify your residency once you have started taking classes at HCC, you will need to provide three (3) documents to prove in-state residency. For additional information, please visit Residency Reclassification

5. I’ve started my classes, but I just realized I’m classified as an out-of-state student. Can I provide documentation to update my residency? 
Students have 30 days from the start of classes to provide the necessary documentation to establish in-state residency and receive a refund of the difference in tuition rates. After 30 days, a student will need to petition to have the residency reclassified


1. Where can I find more information about registering for classes? 
Detailed instructions on class registration are provided during HCC's Orientation. See our Register Now page for more information. Students may also seek assistance by visiting Student Services at any campus.   

2. I am receiving an error message when I try to Register. What is this?

  • College level: Make sure your SAT or ACT test scores have been submitted to register for the college level classes. If you are SB 1720 Exempt, then you must meet with an advisor prior to registering for classes.  
  • Pre-Req: Most courses have a pre-requisite that must be satisfied in order to register for the class. The pre-requisite may be met either by a placement test, transfer or HCC coursework. The test scores and transfer coursework must be entered in the system in order to register in HawkGPS. For more information, see our Course Catalog
  • GPA hold: Student has fallen below a 2.0 GPA. Student should request to meet with a Counselor at any campus Student Services building.  
  • Financial Hold: Student has an outstanding balance on their account.  Consult a staff member in the Cashier Office on any campus  
  • Transcript Hold: A hold is placed until all transcripts have been received.   

Drop and Withdraw 

1. What are the effects of dropping or withdrawing from my course(s)? 

  • "Dropping" a course means that you took action to remove the course from your schedule BEFORE the drop/add deadline shown on the HCC Academic Calendar (or your course schedule).  
  • "Withdrawing" from a course means that you registered for the course and it was still on your schedule AFTER the drop/add deadline shown on the HCC Academic Calendar when you took action to remove the course from your schedule. 

More information on how dropping or withdrawal from a class could affect you can be found on our Drop/Withdrawal pagePlease Note: Students are always advised to contact Financial Aid before dropping or withdrawing a course so they can advise you if it will affect your Financial Aid eligibility. If you are a sponsored student, this may affect the amount paid by your sponsor.   

2. What does it mean to “Participate in a Meaningful" way?  
Students are required to attend class regularly and punctually to establish a record of participation in academically related activities.  

 Academically related activities include, but are not lim­ited to 

  • physically attending a class where there is an oppor­tunity for direct interaction between the 
    instructor and students;  

  • submitting an academic assignment;  

  • taking an exam, an interactive tutorial or computer‐­assisted instruction;  

  • attending and participating in an online study group that is assigned by the instructor; participating in an online discussion about academic matters or initiating contact with a faculty member to ask a question about the academic subject studied in the course 

Academically related activities DO NOT include activities where a student may be present, but not academically engaged, such as logging into an online class without ac­tive participation or participating in academic counseling or advising sessions unrelated to a specific course assignment. Students who have not established attendance/participation in online courses may have their federal financial aid eligibility adjusted.  

3. Why was I dropped from my registered classes? 
There are various reasons why students could be dropped from registered classes including but not limited to the following:  

  • non-payment 

  • non-attendance (WN grade) 

  • not successfully completing prerequisite classes   

  • course cancellation due to low enrollment 

Please email us at or visit Student Services on campus if you have more questions regarding the status of your enrollment. 

4. A course I need to take is full. How can I register for this course?            
You cannot register for a course that has reached maximum seating capacity unless seats open up. You can look for other class section offerings or periodically check the status of a class section in the Search for Classes or in HawkGPS. Seats may become available when students are de-registered or drop a course.


1. I have financial aid at my home college. Will it cover my tuition at HCC?
As a transient student, you will need to pay out of pocket to take classes at HCC and then get reimbursed from financial aid at your home institution. 

2. My school has approved my form. Why can’t I register for classes yet?
There are multiple approvals needed from your home institution before they are submitted to HCC to be processed. Once the request has been received and processed at HCC, you will receive a confirmation email with additional instructions.

3. My transient form was processed. How long will it take until I can register for classes? 
Once the transient form has been approved by all the required departments at your home institution and we receive the transient request, we will process the request within 72 hours. If you are new to HCC, you will receive your student information in 24-48 hours from the time we process your transient request. 

4.  My school needs proof of enrollment so they can reimburse me. When will they receive it? 
If you are a student at a Florida Public College or University, your enrollment information will be sent after the add/drop period for your class. If you are a transient student from an out-of-state or private college, you will need to submit a consortium agreement or enrollment verification form from your home institution to be completed and sent back to your home institution. 

5. I took a class at HCC and need it transferred back to my home institution. How do I do that? 
Transient students need to order an official transcript to have the credit(s) transferred back to their home institution. Visit our Transcript page for more information on how to request official transcripts.


1. What is FERPA? 
FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and is a federal law enacted to protect the privacy of student educational records. If you are a student, it is important for you to understand your rights under FERPA. If you are a parent, you will need to understand how the law changes once your student enters a postsecondary institution. FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their children's educational records when a student is K-12. These rights transfer to the student when he or she reaches the age of 18 or enrolls in a postsecondary institution.

FERPA gives students four basic rights with respect to their education record: 

  • The right to control disclosure of their education record 

  • The right to review their education record 

  • The right to request amendment of inaccurate or misleading portions of their education record 

  • The right to file a complaint regarding non-compliance of FERPA with the Family Policy Compliance Office of the U.S. Department of Education 

Schools must have written permission from the eligible student in order to release any information from a student's education record. Students can fill out an HCC FERPA Consent form if they wish to authorize the release of information to other parties.   

Please Note: FERPA allows schools to disclose records, without consent, to some parties or under certain conditions (34 CFR § 99.31). More information on FERPA can be found on the Department of Education website. 

2. Where can I fill out a FERPA form?
 FERPA requires HCC to keep your student records confidential. If you wish to authorize the release of information to another party, please complete the FERPA Consent Form online via our Student Forms site.  

3. If I am a parent of a college student, do I have the right to see my child's education records, especially if I pay the bill?
Once the student reaches the age of 18 or begins to attend a postsecondary institution regardless of age, or who is paying for college, FERPA rights transfer to the student. 

4. What if my child is a minor and he or she is taking classes at a local college while still in high school - do I have rights? 
In primary and secondary educational institutions (i.e. K-12), all FERPA rights belong to the parent. However, when the student reaches the age of 18 or enrolls in a postsecondary institution regardless of age, all FERPA rights transfer to the student. 


1. What is the difference between graduation and commencement? 

Graduation is confirmation you have met all requirements to obtain your degree credential. Commencement is an annual ceremony for students who have or are expected to graduate in the current or next semester. You do not need to attend Commencement to graduate and receive your diploma. Diplomas are mailed within 12 weeks after the end of your graduating term. 

2. How do I apply for graduation?  

Students must apply using to graduate in MyHCC Self-Service.

3. Where can I go to learn more about the Commencement Ceremony? 

You can learn more details at Commencement Ceremony