​​Florida Virtual Campus

This is a State initiative to provide access to student academic information via the Web. This web site http://www.flvc.org/ is also a centralized reference site for academic information for all public institutions in Florida and provides access to current academic information in ‘real time’. HCC is a participating Institution on the FLVC since 1999. The central FLVC web site provides access to HCC student records via the web.

How Do I Use FLVC?

FLVC is a centralized web site that uses normal web navigational tools. The first time you go to the FLVC web site, you'll be asked to create a FLVC account.

HCC Records Information on the FLVC Web Site:

Whenever you want to access HCC specific information such as grades or transcripts while on the FLVC web site, you will need to provide additional information to authenticate into your HCC FLVC account.

Student ID:

Your Student ID number is the 7-digit number issued to you at the time of application submission by Hillsborough Community College. If you do not know or have this number available to you, you can access this information in one of three ways:

  • Visit an Office of Admissions, Registration and Records at Hillsborough Community College with a picture ID or
  • Log-on to Hillsborough Community College’s web registration and select account maintenance or
  • Call the HCC Live Help Desk at 1-877-736-2575.


Your PIN is your 8-digit birth date (mm/dd/yyyy) without the slashes.

Real-Time Services Offered via FLVC

  • Current HCC Transcript - You can obtain an unofficial real-time copy of your HCC transcript. (The format of this transcript is different than the ‘official transcript’.)
  • Degree Audit for Current HCC Academic Program - This is a tool that will display progress toward a degree or certification for any active academic program. A report will be generated that will categorize Degree/Certification requirements that have been completed and those that have not been completed, based upon your completed credits.
  • Remote Degree Shopping - You can obtain degree information from any participating institution in Florida. This option will allow you to send academic credit earned at HCC to another public institution and produce a degree audit at that institution. This process will help evaluate how current HCC credit can be applied to academic programs at other institutions.

Who do I call if I cannot access FLVC?

Contact your campus Admissions, Registration and Records Office.