Larra Bickelhaupt 2016

University at Buffalo


In high school, I was Area Player of the Year.  The college game was so different!  I worked hard every day and became a very versatile player.  Now I'm going to University at Buffalo as a libero!  HCC brought out my competitive spirit, and I can't wait for the next challenge.  

Abbie O'Ferrell 2016
State Tourney MVP

Eckerd College


Having grown up in a volleyball gym, I knew I wanted an intense program that would push me and help me grow my game.  The staff was very detailed.  I grew so close to my friends and teammates.  The staff always had our backs and truly cared for us.  I will miss everyone!

Sharonda Pickering 2016
All Conference

Florida Gulf Coast University


When my Dad brought me to HCC, I was so nervous!  The game was so different than what I was accustomed to.  I learned the college game in Tampa and developed into a NCAA D1 player.  When it is all done, I will return to the British Virgin Islands and share what I learned.  It all started at HCC. 

Briana Stowell 2016

University of South Florida


After high school, I wasn't sure what type of player I would become.  The staff always believed in me and taught me how to lead my teammates and the offense.  We had great success!  It will be hard to leave, but I know I am prepared to work and succeed at the D1 level.  

Dominique Mason 2015
All State

Seton Hall


Coming from Chicago, Tampa and HCC volleyball was just what I needed.  My teammates were amazing, and I couldn't believe what we accomplished.  My confidence grew, and it led me to a university scholarship.  I'll never forget the memories, laughs, and the relationships.

Cherlie Adorno 2015

Tennessee State University


HCC Volleyball was a great choice.  Many Puerto Rican players had success there, so I knew it would be a good fit.  I got so much better, and we always competed for championships.  Going to nationals and finishing 3rd was a dream come true.  I will stay in touch with my HCC coaches forever.

Erika Zembyla 2015
All-State Tournament Team

University Alabama - Birmingham


I was a little nervous being so far from Europe my freshman year.  Coach Larkin and the staff stayed on me and pushed me hard.  They picked me up when I needed it.  I grew a ton and am ready for UAB.  I owe them a lot!

Antia Rodriguez

Valdosta State University


It's hard to think about leaving HCC, but I know this is the next step. Coming from Europe, I learned so much about the American style of play. I improved in all areas and am excited to test myself at the next level. The coaching staff cared for me from my very first day and made sure I was ready for the next challenge. Go Hawks!  


Becca Conrad

Grand Canyon


The friends I made at HCC will last a lifetime. I learned so much about myself and grew as a person. My experience at HCC opened the door to earn a beach scholarship at Grand Canyon University. I miss all my friends in Tampa. Good luck! 


Shelby Walker

 Ohio University


I loved my time at HCC! Coming out of high school, I had D2 offers. I used HCC to bounce to high D1. The training at HCC prepared me for the intense competition at Ohio University where I started as a freshman. Go Hawks! 


Andy Tauai 

 1st Team All-American


As an international moving to America was a big step especially coming to a school where I didn't know what to expect! I can say this with confidence... I couldn't have made a better choice. The program and the culture at HCC has made me a better athlete and the mature young woman I am today. It is more than just your volleyball team; it is your family away from home! I couldn't be more grateful for not only the experience but the opportunities that HCC has given to me! I am now prepared and ready to take the next step in my volleyball career and education!  H-WHAT!!??? 

Gabi Berrios

All-Conference Libero

Georgian Court University

HCC was the best thing that ever happened to me. The coaching staff gave me the tools and opportunities to become the player that I am. By putting in hard work and dedication, I made it to where I am today. I am extremely grateful for my years at HCC; they changed my future and opened so many doors to exciting and amazing new opportunities. 

Jenna Kirkwood

 All-American OH

Valdosta State


Community College was 100% the right choice for me. The HCC coaching staff believed in me when no one else did and helped me achieve accomplishments I didn't think I was capable of. Now that my 2 years are over many doors have been opened for me to continue my volleyball career. HCC has turned me into the person and player I am today and I will always be grateful for that.


 All-American Setter

University of Minnesota-Crookston


"HCC is more than a volleyball program. It felt like a family. The coaches really care about you. I had the best two years, and it was hard to leave. I'm not sure there is a better setting coach than Coach Larkin. Where I am today all started there."


Emily Bingham 

All-State Tournament


1st Team All-Conference, USC Upstate


"I am so thankful that the coaches at HCC believed in me. They prepared me in volleyball and in life. I changed a lot during my time at HCC. Some of the smallest things will be the memories I cherish the most. The only thing they didn't prepare me for was the snow in South Carlolina!"


 J'beria Davis

2009 1st Team All-Conference


USF Starting Outside Hitter


"I wasn't sure I was ready for D-I volleyball coming out of high school and club.  In only one year at HCC, University of South Florida felt I was ready to make the jump. HCC volleyball helped me get to where I am today. I am grateful for the experience and memories.  Go Hawks!"


Madeline Gonzalez

2006 HCC Female Scholar Athlete and 2nd Team All-American

Setter and Captain at the University of West Florida

"Moving to the U.S. was scary, but it has changed my life.  I have had so many memorable experiences and made lifelong friends.  Playing volleyball at HCC opened so many doors for me.  Coach Larkin was not just a coach.  He became a mentor and a friend."


Mari Padilla-Collazo

2007 HCC Female Scholar Athlete and All-State


Setter and Captain at Tennessee State University 

"The decision to come to the U.S. is one that I will never regret.  The experience was unbelievable.  I had so many new experiences and a lot of fun.  Hillsborough Community College is a great place for academics and athletics, and it definitely prepared me for the next step."

Brittany Wilson

2007 All-Conference and Captain

MB at Eckerd College

"My time at HCC was amazing!  We were pushed to greatness.  I learned so many lessons that help me not only in volleyball but also in life.  The friendships I made will last forever."

Emily Calderon-Reyes

2008 1st Team All-American and Captain

St. Leo University

"I received a lot of advice when I was a high school student in Puerto Rico.  After visiting HCC, the players, and the staff, the decision was easy.  I have learned so much, and many doors have been opened up to me.  It was a great choice."

Kim Clark

Lady Hawk Award Winner, All State

Outside Hitter UWF

"Playing at HCC was a ball.  I am still very close to my former teammates.  Playing for championships together made us very close.  We share some special memories.  Go Hawks!"

Naya Sanfeliz

Lady Hawk Award Winner, All State

Outside Hitter UNF

"I gained so much from my time at HCC.  After my sophomore season, I really tried to give back to the program in the off-season because volleyball at HCC is a tradition, and I was happy to be a part of it.  The training definitely prepared me for the new challenges I face at UNF."