Dr. Charles H. F. Davis, III

Charles Davis

Charles H.F. Davis III currently serves as Director of Higher Education Research and Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania Center for the Study of Race & Equity in Education. As the director, he is primarily responsible for managing the Center's portfolio of postsecondary services to include campus climate assessments, diversity trainings and workshops, executive education programs, equity institutes and other professional learning experiences for college faculty and administrators, and commissioned studies related to equity issues in higher education. Additionally, Charles continues to work with student organizers and student organizations committed to social justice within and beyond colleges and universities to include working with the Dream Defenders, Students Organizing for Unity and Liberation, and others within the larger movement for Black lives.

 In 2015, Charles earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Center for the Study of Higher Education at The University of Arizona, where his research broadly examined the use of digital media technologies in contemporary student activism, organizing, and social movements in college. He is also the executive director and principal investigator of the Activist Millennials Project, which serves as the nexus of research and practice for millennials engaged in activism and social justice organizing at the intersections of educational institutions and communities.