Brandon CAC By-Laws

The purpose of the CAC is to bring issues that are pertinent to the Brandon campus’s staff and students to the Institutional Advisory Council (IAC) and ultimately make recommendations to those who make the decisions that will affect us.


  • Membership is open to all full-time and part-time faculty, staff and students of the Brandon Campus.
  • Council members will serve a minimum of a one-year term. Student representatives are limited to two terms but may be invited to continue to serve beyond the two terms.
  • If any member of the Brandon CAC cannot complete all or part of his or her term it is the responsibility of this council to suggest and invite any replacements from the campus.
  • Membership of this Council will be comprised of a diverse group of employees on our campus with representation from all employee categories, plus one or two students selected by SGA.
  • Five delegates will be appointed by the BRCAC or may volunteer for a one year term.  Delegates are required to attend all CAC and IAC monthly meetings.  The Chair and Co-Chair may not serve as a delegate until after their term has ended.   


  • Brandon CAC will conduct monthly meetings and vote on items by committee.
  • All meetings of the Brandon CAC will be open meetings. Meeting dates will be emailed to the Brandon campus at large before the meetings, and the minutes will be posted in Public Folders and on the BRCAC website by the Brandon Chair or Co-chair.
  • Non-members of the Brandon Campus Advisory Council attending meetings may participate in the following manner:

  a. The non-member can schedule to speak or present at any scheduled meeting.Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes.

  b. A non-member may show up and speak to the council, not on the agenda, and will be limited to five minutes.

  c. A Brandon CAC member can invite a non-member to schedule to speak on a specific topic with prior notice to the Chair and will be limited to 20 minutes.

A majority vote will be necessary for any proposal and/or recommendations to be considered for presentation at the monthly IAC meeting and to the Campus President. It is the responsibility of the chair to get any recommendations from our campus on the IAC agenda.
The Campus President and his Executive Staff Assistant will serve as staff support to the Brandon CAC.


  • Five delegates will be selected for a one year term.  Delegates are required to attend all CAC and IAC monthly meetings. 
  • The Chair and Co-Chair may not serve as a delegate until after their term has ended.
  • Delegates are required to make at least a one year commitment but may serve longer.
  • All five delegates should attend all IAC meetings but in the case of an absence, at least three of the five delegates of the Brandon CAC must be in attendance to maintain quorum. It is the responsibility of each delegate to find an alternate to the IAC meeting in the event that they cannot make the monthly meeting. Alerting the Chair or other member of the committee is not enough as these are the people that are already expected to attend; someone else must be drafted to attend in their place.
  • If a delegate of the Brandon CAC misses more than two IAC meetings without prior notification, the Council can vote to inactivate the delegate in question.

Responsibilities of the Chair and Co-Chair

  • The position of Chair and Co-chair for the Brandon CAC is an elected position and must be voted in by Brandon CAC members.
  • In order to be eligible to serve as Chair or Co-chair one must be a full time employee and an active member of Brandon CAC for at least one year.
  • It is preferred that one staff member and one faculty member serve together each term but it is not required.
  • The responsibility of the Chair of the Brandon CAC will be to schedule monthly meetings and prepare the agenda. Members should contact the Chair to add agenda items.
  • The Chair of the Brandon CAC will distribute agendas to all members of the CAC, the Brandon Campus President, and any other attendees at the monthly meeting.
  • The Chair will also forward the agendas, minutes and other business from the IAC to the members of the Brandon CAC.
  • The Chair must maintain the BRCAC website and Public Folders in Outlook to ensure that it is always up to date.
  • The Chair and Co-Chair will represent the Brandon Campus at all of the IAC Executive Committee meetings.
  • In the absence of the Chair, the Co-Chair is required to act on behalf of the Chair for the BRCAC, IAC, and any other duties required at that time.
  • The Co-chair’s duties also include assisting the Chair as needed.
  • The Chair and Co-Chair must serve a minimum of one year and preferably no more than two.
  • The Chair and Co-chair are responsible for hosting IAC meetings on campus as scheduled.  

Revised April, 2012