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Why should I enroll in the Biotechnology Program at HCC?        

The HCC Biotechnology academic environment fosters the development of life science laboratory techniques. From classroom instruction to internship participation, our students gain hands-on laboratory experience and real time research opportunities, making them more marketable.       

We also instill in each student an awareness of basic biomedical and bioethical practices and standards in current academia, research and industry.     

Our mission is to prepare well-educated students to approach problems with creativity and flexibility. The program provide tools for the students to be leaders, visionaries, researchers in the broad area of bio-molecular technology.   

The objective of the Biotechnology associate degree program is to see our graduates  are employed in the biotechnology industry, including biomedical engineering.     

To this end, research training and technical skills are the focus of the program. An industry internship is built into the curriculum with our industry and academic partners. Graduates of associate’s degree programs in biotechnology are well qualified to become lab technicians to meet the biotechnology-trained workforce demand of Florida.    

A student who is looking to expand his or her knowledge of biotechnology without pursuing a degree in it may consider a college credit certificate program. This is offered with an eye towards immediate employment after graduation, or for enhancing an existing degree. Those with majors in another field may choose a certificate program to increase their own marketability.

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