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Engineering versus Engineering Technology

Many students ask “What is the difference between an engineering degree and an engineering technology (ET) degree?”  The short answer is that the ET degree program does not require calculus, but does require more applied “hands-on” labs and coursework.  An engineering program of study focuses on the theoretical - an engineering technology program of study focuses on applications.  Some more differences:

Engineering vs Engineering Technology


Engineering Technology



Researching new ideas

Applying existing “state of the art”






Practical and “hands-on”

Calculus based

Algebra based

Develop new processes

Apply new processes

Open-ended and futuristic

Specific and current

Required for registration as P.E. in all states

Required for registration as P.E. in most states

Can require period of internship due to emphasis on fundamentals and theory

Usually ready to work due to emphasis on current practice in industry

Graduate studies widely available

Graduate studies increasing

Jobs in engineering design

Jobs in applied engineering and production

"Engineering technology is the profession in which a knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences gained by higher education, experience, and practice is devoted primarily to the implementation and extension of existing technology for the benefit of humanity. Engineering technology education focuses primarily on the applied aspects of science and engineering aimed at preparing graduates for practice in that portion of the technological spectrum closest to product improvement, manufacturing, construction, and engineering operational functions."

                                                                          Accreditation Board of Engineering Technology (ABET)

Some other sources of information:


University of Floridahttp://www.ece.ufl.edu/content/becoming-undergraduate-student

Daytona State College:  http://www.daytonastate.edu/en_tech/index.html

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