Current Exhibition at Gallery114

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Still-life sculptures of ordinary objects


Themes for the American Kestrel

by Ry McCullough
Gallery 114 | 1st
floor YPAB
January 19 – Apr 29, 2021
Register for the virtual artist reception Thursday, February 25, 6 – 7 p.m.

Themes for the American Kestrel is a multimedia exhibition by Tampa-based artist Ry McCullough that uses the tradition of still-life as a point of departure to explore different states of observance. A collection of small sculptures fabricated from humble materials act as stand-ins or approximations for familiar objects like boxes, vessels and tchotchkes. These sculptures become objects and subjects as they participate in a diverse presentation of still-life arrangements in works on paper, video and installation. Formal tension and balance give these stand-ins charge and purpose, putting into motion a network of relationships and contingencies. Ry McCullough is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Tampa.