Fire Fighting and Emergency Services

Fire Academy

Fire Academy
Students graduate with their minimum standards - Florida State Fire Fighter I and II (435 hours) and are then eligible to apply at a Fire Department.

Executive Fire Officer ATC - 30 Credit Hours
You must possess a current Certificate of Compliance/Completion from the Florida State Bureau of Fire Standards and hold an AS degree in fire science technology or emergency medical services to be admitted into this program.

Fire Fighting PSAV - 435 clock hours
Train to become a firefighter in Florida and obtain your professional certification. Learn skills such as fire attack and control; fire ground ladder, hose and rope operations; and basic emergency medical care.

  • Fire Academy Contact Information:
    Capt. Jim McAlister - Fire Science Coordinator
    Ybor City Campus Training Center
    5610 E. Columbus Dr., Tampa, FL 33619
    (813) 253-7628 
    Program Website

Fire Science

AS Fire Science Technology - 60 credit hours
Students receive an Associate in Science degree in Fire Science, then transfer to the University of Florida's Fire and Emergency Services Degree

  • Fire Science Contact Information:
    James Gary, Fire Science Degree Coordinator & Lead Instructor
    Ybor City Campus, PSTB-162
    (813) 253-7779m
    Program Website

Emergency Medical Services

AS Emergency Medical Services
If you are a licensed or licensure-eligible paramedic, or have been accepted into the paramedic program, this program offers you an opportunity to specialize in education, management or technology.

Emergency Medical Technician Certificate - 11 credit hours
Prepare to provide basic life support measures on an ambulance crew.

Paramedic Certificate 42 credit hours
Learn advanced life-support techniques.