Information Technology

These cutting edge programs will prepare you to enter the exciting field of information technology.  Whether your interest lies in computer programming, computer diagnosis and repair, web design, network administrator, or technology security, we have the program to fit your needs.  Programs are available on the Brandon, Dale Mabry and Ybor City campuses.

Computer Science

Associate in Science Programs:

AS Computer Engineering Technology (Dale Mabry) - Learn to repair hardware and software in micro, mini and mainframe computers.  

AS Computer Information Technology (Brandon & Dale Mabry) - Train to be a PC specialist in microcomputers, software or information systems.

AS Computer Programming and Analysis (Brandon & Dale Mabry) - Develop the skills to become a computer programmer, data manager, specialist or analyst.

AS Database Technology (Dale Mabry Campus) - Learn a generalist approach to database design, programming and administration.

AS Digital Media/Multimedia Technology - Prepare for initial employment in the following professions: digital media/multimedia programmer, digital media/multimedia project manager, web designer/web developer/web production artist, audiovisual technician/audio technician, lighting technician, graphic animator, graphic designer, videographer/editor, video engineer, digital media/multimedia producer, technical director, instructional designer or interface designer.

AS Internet Services Technology (Dale Mabry) - Train to be a web designer, webmaster, e-commerce developer or intranet architect.

AS Network Systems Technology (Dale Mabry) - Prepare for positions like cabling specialist, network control operator, data communications analyst, network technician or systems administrator.

  • AS Digital Forensics Option - Become proficient in basic and advanced security concepts, computer forensics investigations, and other skills related to this field.
  • AS Network Administrator Option - Acquire the technical skills to be a computer network specialist, network administrator, customer support analyst or network systems engineer.
  • AS Network Infrastructure Option - Learn network infrastructure concepts, protocols and configurations related to routers, LAN, VLAN, WAN, IP addressing, and much more.
  • AS Network Security - Train to be an information technology security professional assisting business and industry in defending security attacks.
  • AS Unix/Linux Administrator - Learn how to install and deploy a server operating system and provide a wide range of infrastructure services

Certificate Programs:

  • Computer Programming Certificate (Brandon)- 33 credit hours
  • Computer Programming Specialist Certificate (Brandon) - 18 credit hours
  • Database Administrator Certificate - 15 credit hours
  • Digital Forensics Certificate - 30 credit hours
  • Game Authoring Certificate - 12 credit hours
  • Help Desk Support Technician Certificate - 18 credit hours
  • Internet Services Technology Web Designer Certificate - 35 credit hours
  • Internet Services Technology Web Developer Certificate - 35 credit hours
  • Network Security/Cyber Security: Cisco Certificate - 30 credit hours
  • Network Security/Cyber Security: Unix/Linux Certificate - 30 credit hours
  • Microcomputer Repairer/Installer Certificate - 15 credit hours
  • Network Security/Cyber Security: - Windows Certificate - 30 credit hours
  • Network Enterprise Administration Certificate - 27 credit hours
  • Network Infrastructure Certificate - 21 credit hours
  • Network Server Administration Certificate - 24 credit hours
  • Network Support Technician Certificate - 18 credit hours
  • Unix/Linux System Administration - 24 credit hours

  • Brandon Campus Contact Information
  • Becky McAfee, Department Chair 
    Brandon Campus, BACA 210A
    (813) 253 - 7898, Email: 
    Program Website
  • Dale Mabry Campus Contact Information
    Dr. Cameron Spears, Department Chair
     DTEC 405
    (813) 253-7465 Email:
    Program Website
  •  Ybor City Campus Contact Information
    Maggie Morera, Department Chair
    YFAC 209
    (813) 259-6135, Email: