TV, Radio and Media Production Required Courses 

•RTV-2000 Introduction to Broadcasting - Learn the history, power and scope of Electronic Media.

•RTV-2201 Broadcasting Techniques - Students will get hands-on training to direct a “live” three camera studio production as well as assume studio crew positions.

•RTV-1245 Electronic Field Production - Hands on experience in Electronic News Gathering, documentary and filmstyle techniques to create a program outside of the studio.

•RTV-2242 Advanced Television Studio Production - Students step up to produce and direct a “live” three camera studio production.

•RTV-2270 Radio Production and Programming - Students will develop announcing and audio production skills for radio, and other audio productions while learning to operate a professional audio console and use multi-track audio software to produce content for the college radio station,

•RTV-2246 Advanced Electronic Field Production - Students take a very practical approach toward learning the techniques of how to write, produce, direct and edit shortform field productions.

•RTV-2300 Broadcast News – Students learn to write in the broadcast news style as they create reports for radio and television.

•Radio/TV Internships - Students seeking RTV degrees and certificates are required to complete internships working on-the-job with a radio or television station, or production house.

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