Associate Degrees and Programs of Study

College Preparatory Curriculum

The college preparatory curriculum is designed to improve students’ performance in reading, writing and mathematics. Students earning scores below the state-mandated minimum scores on the college placement test must enroll in college preparatory communication and computation instruction.

The Associate Degree

HCC offers associate in arts (AA) and associate in science (AS) degrees.

Associate in Arts Degree
The associate in arts (AA) degree is designed primarily to meet the requirements for a student to transfer to the upper division level of a college or university to continue to work toward a bachelor’s degree.

Associate in Science Degree/Technical Programs (Website)   View Section of the Catalog
HCC will award an associate in science (AS) degree if students complete a minimum of 60 credit hours in a curriculum designed to prepare students for employment.

Health Sciences Programs

College Credit Certificates

A college credit certificate (CCC) may be awarded for programs of less than two years in selected technical areas leading to an associate in applied science degree. The CCC’s are designed to prepare the student for entry into a particular field or to upgrade the skills of those already employed in the field.

Postsecondary Adult Vocational Programs

A Postsecondary Adult Vocational (PSAV) certificate is awarded for completion of a specified course of study designed to prepare individuals for employment. PSAV programs are designed for those students interested in a specific job in business or industry.

Programs Placement Rates