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Academic Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (ASLOA):
Assessment for the enhancement of teaching and learning 

Why assess? Assessments are tools by which to collect the data needed to explore results and ultimately improve upon the program by improving student learning.  They analyze strengths and weaknesses of the program and how the organization within that program operates by comparing it to a larger framework; first, the learning outcomes and second, the context of the unit plan and mission of the college.  It is the intent of the assessment to shed light on the data needed to assist the faculty in furthering their program.

Unit Functions: To organize findings and provide faculty support for a continuous systematic program to assess student learning outcomes, including the incorporation of outcomes and findings into the planning process.   

The links in the left navigational panel direct you to the appropriate student learning outcomes assessment area. 


              ASLOA 5

Faculty Resources on Student Learning Outcomes:  
Program SLOs Relationship to course SLOs
Assessment Words and Definitions Cluster SLOs Relationship to course SLOs
Best Practice Outcome Characteristics/Helpful Hints
Formative vs. Summative Assessments
Bloom's Taxonomy of Measurable Verbs