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General Education Student Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to demonstrate: 

1. their ability to think critically

2. their ability to express themselves clearly in written and oral communication

3. their ability to express themselves effectively in quantitative terms

4. their understanding of and appreciation for the value and significance of culture

5. the scientific method of inquiry and the historical and contemporary impact of science on daily life

6. their understanding of global, political, social economi and historical perspectives

7. their ability to use technology to access, retrieve, process, and communicate information


Student Learning Outcomes


Community College students must be information literate learners who can:


  #1  Determine the extent of information needed. 
  #2 Access needed information effectively and efficiently.
  #3 Evaluate information and its sources critically. 
  #4 Incorporate selected information into their knowledge base.
  #5 Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose. 
  #6 Understand the economic, legal and social issues surrounding the use of information. 
  #7 Access and use information ethically. 

-April 2012